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Maria Isabel Rasmussen

Architect and Lecturer / Universitetsadjunkt
Doctoral student
Coordinator for the programme Master in Architecture - MARK

Born: 1964
Nationality: Danish 
Languages: Spanish, Danish, Swedish, English.

Architect with more than10 years of working experience within design for housing and urban renovation, for private companies in Colombia, tourism planning, bicycle systems road planning with architects and landscapes architects in Denmark, and industrial design of social housing in a private company Sweden.

Teacher with more than 15 years of experience working with high education at university level in both pre-and post-grade level, in Denmark and Sweden. Currently lecturer/adjunkt at LTH Architect School, Lund, Sweden.
Coordinator of the Master in Architecture programme – MARK at Lund University, LTH, since 2014.

Previously, project assistant for PROMESHA  Programa para el Mejoramiento Socio Habitacional, a Sida supported capacity development programme in urban and housing development for Latin America focusing on planning, coordinating and quality management of regional and national capacity building activities.
Coordinator for two of the seven focus countries of the program, Bolivia and Ecuador and editor for the working paper series of the program: Cuaderno de Análisis.



Teacher responsible for bachelor and master courses, both in theory and design studio courses. Here Architecture in the Context, 3rd year, bachelor level and Advanced Architectural Design, 4th and 5th year, master level. Teacher in other master courses as Urban Shelter Design, theory and design studio courses.

Currently, PhD student with the research project titled: Informal settlements and sustainable urban planning for developing countries –Case studies in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Guayaquil, Ecuador. 

Interested in issues related to housing, urban and landscape design; linkages to cultural values.



Informal but planned settlements -A case in Guayaquil , ICONDA, CIB library. Paper presented at the international conference Architecture in the Fourth Dimension, CIB. Boston 2011

The power of the Informal Settlements -The Case of Dar es Salaam, Paper presented at the international conference Cities to be tamed? Contestedspaces, Politecnico di Milano, Milano 2012, and published on "Planum - The Journal of Urbanism" n. 26, vol.1/2013

Maria Rasmussen Curriculum Vitae