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12. Vivienda y Desarrollo: un estudio de ocho proyectos realizados en Ecuador.
Sigbo, Kerstin. HDM, 2005, 130P. Spa. 125 sek

11. Housing Privatisation in the Baltic States.
Kursis, Janis. HDM, 1999, 116P. Eng. 100 SEK      

10. A Neighbourhood Garden at Oued Rchacha. An Investigation and Development of Public Space in the Medina in Fes.
Hallin, Frida and Lina Norell. HDM. 1999, 74p. Eng. 75 SEK 

9. A Top-structure is Not a Home. Densification of Low-cost Housing with a Women Users´ Perspective.
Eliasson, A. S. et al. LCHS, 1998, 114p. Eng. 100 SEK

8. Desarollo de Vivienda Rural / Development of Rural Housing.
Liuke, Laura and Frida Olsson LCHS, 1994, 78p. Spa. /Eng. 80 SEK 

7. Housing, Energy and Indoor Environment.
LCHS, 1993, 38P. Eng. 50 SEK

6. Urban Household Perceptions and Energy Use. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
Campbell, John R.LCHS, 1992, 44P. Eng. 50 SEK

5. Aménagement de la voierie à faible coût dans les quartiers spontanées.
Bengtsson, Jonas. LCHS. Fre. (In prep.)

4. Hidden Fires. Improving kitchens and stoves together with users. Report from a project in El Limón, Nicaragua.
Andersson, Maria. LCHS, 1992, 52p. Eng. 50 SEK

3. Passive climatization of residential buildings in tropical climates. A parametric study with respect to Ho Chi Minh City climate. 
Adamson, Bo. LCHS, 1991, 72p. Eng. 70 SEK 

2. Housing Improvements in Developing Countries. A survey of projects supported by Non-Governmental Organizations in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.
Andersson, Maria and Annette Wong Jere. LCHS, 1991, 48p. Eng. 50 SEK

1. Vers une cuisine améliorée. Une étude sur les cuisines et les foyers dans le cadre du projet UNSO foyers améliorés au Burkina Faso.
Jönsson, Catharina. LCHS, 1990. 50p. Fre. Out of Print