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Other Publications

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13. Manual de proyectos urbanísticos.
Davidson, F and G Payne. HDM, 2004, 176p. Eng. 300 SEK

12. Design for Desert. An architect's approach to passive climatisation in hot arid regions.
 Rosenlund, Hans. Ark III, 1995, 196p. Eng. 200 SEK

11. Strategies for Low-income Housing. A comparative study on Nicaragua, Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba, Panama, Costa Rica and El Salvador.
Estrategias para el hábitat popular. Estudio conparativo en Nicaragua, Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba, Panama, Costa Rica and El Salvador.
Landaeta, Graciela. Ark III, 1994. 298p / 336p. Eng. Spa. 300 SEK 

10. Large Scale Housing Ares in the Baltic Countries.
Report from Expert Group  Meeting, Lund, January 1996. LCHS, 1996, 66p. Eng. 70 SEK

9. Indoor Climate and Passive Climatization. Studied by Computer Simulations and Field Measurements in Hanoi.
Adamson, Bo and Maria Nyström Dept Building Science, 1994, 272p. Eng. 200 SEK

8. FOCUS. Kitchen Design - A Study of Housing in Hanoi.
Nyström, Maria. Doctoral Thesis. Dept Building Science, 1994, 204 p. Eng. 200 SEK

7. Africa Divided. The Creation of "Ethnic Groups"
Lema, Antoine. Doctoral Thesis. Dept Sociology, 1993, 200p. Eng. 200 SEK

6. Building design and cooling in tropical climate.
Adamson, Bo Dept Building Science, 1993, 116p. Eng. O.P.

5. Tortillas Must be Baked on Flames / Las Tortillas se Deben hacer sobre las Llamas.
Andersson, Maria and Antoine Baya-Vuma. 1989 32p. Eng. Spa. 30 SEK

4. Toitures plates en Tunisie. Etudes d'étanchéité et propositions d'améliorations. 
 Aouididi, Abdessalem et al. BML/Ark I, 1989, 116p.  Fre. 80 SEK

3. Transfer and Evaluation of Building or A Building is Not a Bus.
 Reuterswärd, Lars. Doctoral Thesis. Ark IIb, 1984 246p. Eng. 220 SEK

2. Cement-Stabilised Torba. (A research report presenting the qualities of cement-stabilized torba [a Tunisian soil]).
Andersson, Lars-Anders et al. Ark Ib, 1982, 78p. Eng .70 SEK

1. Région de Zriba - Etude d'une Région Rurale en Tunisie Zribaregionen - En studie av en Tunisisk landsbygdsregion.
Bengtsson, Lars et al. Ark Ib, 1979, 62 -64p. Fre .Swe. 60 O.P.