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12. User involvement in housing recovery: Cases from Haiyan affected areas in the Philippines
Arroyo, Baquero Ivette. HDM 2019. 

11. Extensive green roofs in Porto Alegre, Brazil: Effect on indoor thermal comfort in residential buildings Krebs, Lisandra. HDM 2018

10. Towards better urban spaces in harmony with microclimate. Urban design and planning regulations in hot dry Damascus.  Moohammad Wasim Yahia. HDM 2014

9. Organized self-help housing as an enabling shelter & development strategy
Lessons from current practice, institutional approaches and projects in developing countries

Arroyo, Baquero Ivette. HDM 2013, 172 p.

8. Microclimate and Thermal Comfort of Urban Spaces in Hot Dry Damascus
Influence of urban design and planning regulations

Yahia, Moohammed Wasim. HDM 2011, 114 p.

7. Urban poverty, social exclusion and social housing finance
-The case of PRODEL in Nicaragua 

Stein, Alfredo. HDM, 2010, 260p., Eng. SEK 250

6. Periferiens micrópolis
Genus, rum och fattigdom i Costa Rica

Grundström, Karin. HDM, 2009, 234p., Swe. SEK 250

5. Pro-poor Planning
-A Tool for Strategic Territorial Planning  and a Conceptual Framework Drawn from  Studies in Colombia and Costa Rica

de la Espriella, Carlos. HDM 2009, 186 p., Eng. SEK 250 

4. Managing Urban Disaster Risk
-Analysis and Adaptation Frameworks for Integrated Settlement Development Programming for the Urban Poor
Wamsler, Christine. HDM, 2007,  297p., Eng. SEK 250
       Operational Framework

3. Urban Design and Outdoor Thermal Comfort in Warm Climates
-Studies in Fez and Colombo

Johansson, Erik. HDM, 2006, 237p., Eng. SEK 250

2. Space, Activities and Gender
Everyday Life in Lindora, Costa Rica.
Grundström, Karin. HDM, 2005, 132p. Eng. SEK 160 (Li

1. Living in Unauthorized Settlements.
-Housing Improvement and Social Participation in Boliva
Landaeta, GracielaHDM, 2004, 310p. Eng. SEK 350

Related Theses

7. Design for Desert. An architect´s approach to passive climatisation in hot and arid regions.
Rosenlund, Hans. Ark III, 1995, 196p. Eng. SEK 200

6.Strategies for Low-income Housing. A comparative study on Nicaragua, Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba, Panama, Costa Rica and El Salvador.
Landaeta, Graciela. Ark III, 1994, 298p. Eng. SEK 250

3. Desert Buildings. A parametric study on passive climatisation.
Rosenlund, Hans. Ark III, 1993, 84p. Eng. SEK 90

1. TAGA – Daylighting of Houses in Desert Regions.
Ouahrani, Djamel. Ark III, 1993, 116 p. Eng. SEK 120
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