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Design considerations

6.1 Wind control

6.1.1 Effect of street pattern Types of street pattern Effect of street pattern Design of the street section [urban canyon]

6.1.2 Effect of different building typologies Perimeter blocks/courtyards Wind conditions for perimeter blocks/courtyards Wind conditions for courtyards with different H/W ratios Slab blocks (Lamellhus) Slab blocks perpendicular to the wind direction Slab blocks parallel to the wind direction Tower blocks U-shaped blocks

6.1.3 Effect of high-rise buildings Effect of high-rise building surrounded by lower buildings Wind speed for high-rise buildings as a function of height Effect of setback/podium

6.1.4 Building configurations creating high wind speeds Street canyon entrance Funnel effect Passages through buildings

6.1.5 Wind control Wind control by use of screens Wind control by use of vegetation Wind control by use of terrain

6.2 Solar access on the ground

6.2.1 Effect of building typology and height on solar access Perimeter blocks/courtyards Slab blocks Tower blocks U-shaped blocks

6.2.2 Shading

 6.2.1 Shading by means of screens

6.2.2 Shading using vegetation