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Completed theses

Below are completed PhD theses (240 credits) and licentiate degree (Tekn.lic.) theses (120 credits). 

User involvement in housing recovery: Cases from Haiyan affected areas in the Philippines
Arroyo, Baquero Ivette. HDM 2019. 

Extensive green roofs in Porto Alegre, Brazil: Effect on indoor thermal comfort in residential buildings Krebs, Lisandra. HDM 2018

Towards better urban spaces in harmony with microclimate – Urban design and planning regulations in hot dry Damascus 

Moohammed Wasim Yahia, PhD. 2014

Organized self-help housing as an enabling shelter & development strategy – Lessons from current practice, institutional approaches and projects in developing countries

Ivette Arroyo Baquero, Tekn. lic.  2013

Microclimate and thermal comfort of urban spaces in hot dry Damascus – Influence of urban design and planning regulations

Moohammed Wasim Yahia, Tekn. lic. 2012

Urban poverty, social exclusion and social housing finance – The case of PRODEL in Nicaragua

Alfredo Stein, Phd. 2010

Periferins micrópolis – Genus, rum och fattigdom i Costa Rica

Karin Grundström, PhD. 2009

Pro-poor planning – A tool for strategic territorial planning and a conceptual framework drawn from studies in Colombia and Costa Rica

Carlos de la Espriella, PhD. 2009

Managing urban disaster risk – Analysis and adaptation frameworks for integrated settlement development programming for the urban poor

Christine Wamsler, PhD. 2008

Urban design and outdoor thermal comfort in warm climates – Studies in Fez and Colombo

Erik Johansson, PhD. 2006

Space, activities and gender – Everyday life in Lindora, Costa Rica

Karin Grundström, Tekn. lic. 2005

Living in unauthorized settlements – Housing improvement and social participation in Bolivia

Graciela Landaeta, PhD. 2004